Thursday, June 10, 2010

Olive Branch on Nick Jr!

So, I'm SUPER EXCITED because I just saw the first episode of OLIVE BRANCH on Nick Jr.!

Olive Branch is an amazing new short about two creatures who practice peaceful conflict resolution.

It was animated traditionally by the amazing Pablo Smith and shaded by the talented Cassandra Berger - and the flat color was applied by guess who? MEEEEEEEEEE!

So sure, while my part did not require the most skill in the world, it still required a knowledge of how to paint quickly. I remember days upon days of coming in, doing runs, and then getting small shreds of time here and there to get to color it. All through winter, I spent three days of my week at Little Airplane and coloring for Olive Branch was by far the best part!

There were no credits but if you really don't believe me, I'm sure I can put you in touch with witnesses and the animator who will attest to my participation. Either way, it's super thrilling and I hope it's just one of the FIRST things I take part in, to end up on t.v.!

I also laid down the flat color for the second episode and some of the third, but then my contract ended and a new job began. Anyway, this is great.

Check it out at:

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